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Good wines come from Rubin…

RUBIN AD was established in 1955 as a company for the production and trade of grape and wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The main objective was the development of wine growing and production of wine and spirits based on grapes and wine in the Kruševac region. Among the most important achievements of that time, it was certainly the construction of a new vineyard basement, which was necessary, since RUBIN became the largest and most famous producer of vines in Yugoslavia at the time, while being the largest producer of this type of drink in this part of Europe. The cellar is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for alcoholic beverages with space for 15,000 oak burad volumes of 500 liters intended for aging of distillates for the production of vines as well as with other equipment that allowed annual production in the amount of 15,000,000 liters of vines. Today we can commend ourselves with 1,200 ha of vineyards and plans for a significant increase.
Rubin AD was privatized in 2005. With its new owner, the Belgrade company INVEJ, Rubin continues to hold a leading position on the domestic market through investments, development of new products and quality improvement in all business segments and at the same time becoming significant in the export of Serbian wines and alcoholic beverages to EU countries And in Russia, Australia, Canada and the USA.
Established in 1871, as the first novosadskosapundičijskodruštvo, it has grown into a new plant in soaps in Novosad, and since 1923 it has been operating under the name Albus (ALBUS sapphire factory of D.D. Novi Sad). During that time, Albus was one of the largest producers of the highest quality soaps and soaps for washing.