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AD “MEDELA”, the confectionery industry, was founded in 1975 in Vrbas and operates in the field of confectionery production. In the product range of Medela, today there are more than 70 different items.

The following production lines are located in the production plant:
Straw and Tea Brewery Line;
The product line for vafel products;
Product Line Produced by Cocoa Sweepstakes.

The product for which Medela has been known for more than 40 years, which is distinguished above all by its quality, are the outstanding contents of nutritive and health-worthy ingredients, ŠTRUDLE, soft fruit biscuits with fruity filling. After strudel, we are a significant manufacturer of vafel products and tea biscuits. All of our products are made of carefully selected raw materials, according to the decade-old recipe and technology that is passed from generation to generation.

“Medela” has been operating for many years in accordance with the world-renowned quality and safety standards (ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP), and since January this year, we have been raising the quality management system of our products to a higher level by certifying the FSSP 22000 management system Food safety. We strive to further develop a positive trend and achieve positive results leading to the ultimate goal: