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Established in 1871, it has grown into a new plant in soaps in Novosad, and since 1923 it has been operating under the name Albus (ALBUS sapphire factory of D.D. Novi Sad). During that time, Albus was one of the largest producers of the highest quality soaps and soaps for washing.

As a result of the Second World War during which Albus worked for the army, the factory was destroyed and the machines were disabled. However, as early as 1948, the factory was rebuilt and the capacity increased threefold. In the year 1961, Albus, by introducing new technologies, wins production of detergents. In 1975, Albus moved to a new location, into the Industrial Zone, where it was transformed into a modern factory and where it is still today. The key to every leader’s success in this industry is a complete range of home-based products: money laundering, home-based funds, money laundering and personal hygiene agents.

Every leading global company has already built its range as well as the ALBUS factory. In the seventies of the twentieth century, Albus experiences flourishing and joins well-known European companies (Yves Rocher from France, Baldoot from Amsterdam) and thanks to this kind of cooperation, Albus expands its range of cosmetic products. In the 80s, Albus won the child with Pega’s baby and baby cosmetics. ” The collection contains everything you need for a baby and an adult baby, meeting the high quality and appearance of the product.